Earn Money by downloading apps?!!?!?

HEY! so I know this is a long shot but everyone should read/try this out!!

This isn’t spam. I am actually taking time out of my day to type all of this out haha. This isn’t some pre-thought up ad from some website.

So there is this cool app that lets you check out other apps on your phone and they pay you for it. They give you a list of apps and each app has is given an amount of points. You download apps, collect a bunch of points and then redeem the points as itunes, amazon, or paypal gift cards. There are other things like games or starbucks gift cards you can redeem the points for as well.. It’s pretty cool.

I just started it today and I have already earned a $5 itunes card.

It’s called Feature Points. I found out about it from one of the girls I follow here on tumblr. 

To sign you go to featurepoints.com or click HERE on your iphone, ipod, ipad or android phone. It will tell you what to do and then when you open it, there is a place for a referral code. If you click on the link then you wont shouldn’t have to manually enter the referral code. It should already be there. If not, use the referral code 62S9BM to get 50 points just to start out.  Then they give you a list of apps you can check out, download, and earn some points. 

Some you only have to open for like 30 seconds to a minute. Others you have to do the game tutorials. But you can delete them after you get the points.

It’s really cool and you find some great apps using it. I found an awesome running app. The apps are free apps, so it’s not like you are buying anything.

It’s not a scam or anything. From what I understand they are paid to advertise these apps. So they just use that money to get people to check them out.

Check it out though. See how you like it. I mean if anything else you can just check out a cool app or two a day or something and have some free starbucks once a week. If you drink starbucks a lot, it will help! lol

 Reblog, spread the word. Help your followers earn some free music or starbucks :)